Ambassador says France wants Serbia and region in EU

NEWS 23.10.2019 21:59
Source: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

French Ambassador Jean-Louis Falconi said on Wednesday his country want to see Serbia and the other countries of the Western Balkans in the European Union.

The ambassador said that he heard various comments in the European Commission and added that France’s proposal was to improve expansion. “What my president proposed was to improve expansion, not just have chapters but to introduce more humanity and that humanity is reflected in exchanges of young people on both sides, not just bureaucratic elements,” he told a reception for participants in an event introducing French universities.

Falconi said that the goal is to exchange students from France and Serbia. “Those studies turn young people into citizens of the world and the goal is to have go back to their own or go to some other country. Our goal is not to keep them in France but to have them become people with knowledge,” he said.