War criminal Seselj’s supporters stop opposition petition

NEWS 22.10.2019 20:11
Source: N1

The Movement of Free Citizens (PSG) said on Tuesday that it would file charges against several men who prevented its official from collecting signatures for a petition to throw ultra-nationalist and convicted war criminal Vojislav Seselj out of the Belgrade Book Fair.

The petition was launched by PSG legal team official Zivojin Ivkovic and signatures were being collected at the party’s stand at the book fair when Seselj’s followers “grabbed and destroyed the list of signatures”.

“Vojislav Seselj’s gorillas came and grabbed the petition and signatures. Others appeared later and threw books off the shelves of the stand next door because they are illiterate and couldn’t see that it was someone else’s stand,” Ivkovic told the FoNet news agency.

He added that the PSG legal team would file criminal charges.

Ivkovic said the police were called and the officers contacted the duty public prosecutor who told them that there were no elements of a crime.