Manu Chao joins the protest against SHPPs in south-eastern Serbia

NEWS 22.10.2019 08:33
Source: Nensi Radojković

A famous French musician of Spanish descent Manu Chao joined the protest of south-eastern Serbia's village of Topli Dol whose residents had been demonstrating against the building of a small hydropower plant that would, as they said, deprive them of water, the local Juzne vesti website published on Tuesday.

 The musician performed a concert ‘El Chapulin Solo – Manu Chao acoustic’ in the southern city of Nis and on his way to Bulgaria stopped at the village to give the people there support in preventing the SHPP construction on their river.  

Manu Chao said he was delighted with nature where the village is nested, adding the problem with water had become a global issue.

„I call on the villagers and activists to persist in their struggle,“ the musician said.  

One of the results of the protest in Topli Dol was that the investor gave up the building of the SHPP and promised „never to set foot in Pirot (the district’s centre) again.“

On Monday, Goran Trivan, Serbia’s Ecology Minister, said he believed there was a consensus in the Government to ban the building SHPPs in the country’s protected areas, by changing the Law on Environmental Protection.

After those changes to the law were passed by the Parliament, the next issue that would be tackled would be a plan regarding the SHPPs in the remaining parts of Serbia, Trivan said.