Whistleblower: Serbian President knew of dubious deals; Def Min: Malicious claim

NEWS 18.10.2019 08:54
Source: google.maps

The whistleblower from the Krusik munitions factory told Belgrade daily Danas that the Serbian Defense Ministry and President Aleksandar Vucic were informed of the situation at the military industry plant and nothing, but the Ministry describes his statements as untrue and "malicious."

Aleksandar Obradovic said that he knows for a fact that the plant union informed the ministry and president anonymously about the dubious deals made at the plant but got no reaction. “Instead, Vucic is telling fairy tales about the success of the company I work for. The reality is completely different. Krusik operates with losses, and the employees are scared and blackmailed,” he said.  

The whistleblower said that 2,000 Krusik employees have short-term contracts adding that most of them got jobs through political party affiliation and are a “voter potential for the coming elections”.

“They get paid regularly, and that’s what’s most important to them. Those people mainly got jobs over the past few years, but I feel sorry for my older co-workers who spent their entire careers at Krusik. They know what’s happening, but they’re keeping quiet or whispering in the corridors,” Obradovic said.  

He said that there were still some details that he couldn’t manage to tell his lawyer and added that the media would have a lot to report. He rejected claims that he revealed military secrets, saying that the secret military classification had been removed from Krusik. “I did everything because of Krusik and took no money nor was I working for any politician,” Obradovic said.

Days after the affair with the arrest of its worker Aleksandar Obradovic, who revealed some dubious business deals in the factory, the management of the Krusik munition producer issued a statement late on Friday, saying the commercial contracts were business secrets.

“In line with the law and regulations and the internal book of rules about the protection of HK Krusik a.d. Valjevo, commercial agreements are considered business secrets. Publishing of the documents in local or foreign websites (contracts with different buyers, technical details, prices and products’ models, photos of loading the products, of the warehouse within the factory, of the inside of the factory, internal reports on productions, etc.) imposed a serious damage to Holding Corporation Krusik a.d. Valjevo both in the sense of factory and its workers’ safety and from the aspect of providing crucial data to the unfair competition which aimed at weakening the Krusik position in the world market,” the statement said.