Reeking envelopes from Serbia cause Kosovo CEC officials to seek medical help

NEWS 13.10.2019 16:29
Source: N1

The vote count and verification process at the Kosovo Central Election Commission (CEC) in Pristina was interrupted due to a strong smell coming from envelopes containing votes from Serbia for the recently held general election in Kosovo, Beta news agency reported Sunday.

According to some Pristina media, 26 CEC officials complained about health issues such as itching and redness around their eyes after opening the envelopes that had arrived from Serbia on Friday. The media also reported that everyone was transferred to the local hospital.

Pristina television KTV reports that police forces are not allowing anyone to approach the Infectious Disease Clinic.

The Kosovo Police spokesperson Daut Hoxha told KTV that police was information about the poisoning, but recommended that the media contact the CEC and health care institutions for details at this stage.

All the CEC officials who were in contact with the said envelopes are stable.

Djuric: The poisoning manipulation is a mockery of democracy

Director of the Office for Kosovo Marko Djuric noted that the „manipulation of Serbian votes in Kosovo“ is underway, with the intention of „inserting“ a (PM-designate Aljbin) Kurti’s Serb in the Pristina parliament so he could destroy the election result of the Serbian List.

It is bizarre to see the kind of tricks Pristina is using, Djuric said, adding that „faking a poisoning is a brutal example of mockery of democracy and human rights.“

„Pristina propaganda masterminds have been preparing the public for an unexpected turn of events in the last few days, and they’ve made their first move, today, towards abolishing the rights of Serbs to a free political will,” he said.

His statement added that „the whole world will be informed of this shame.“