Alliance for Serbia condemns regime attacks on Dveri

NEWS 11.10.2019 18:11
Source: N1

The opposition Alliance for Serbia (SzS) on Friday condemned what it said are “synchronized regime attacks” against SzS member party Dveri.

A statement said that the “non-democratic authorities are abusing state institutions to deal with the opposition… sending a clear message to the local and international public about the state of democracy in Serbia”.  

The SzS alleged that the judiciary and executive authorities were preventing the normal functioning of an opposition parliamentary party and added that “this is proof of the hypocrisy and lies of the current authorities which behaving nicely in the dialogue with the European Union”.  

The statement said that the decision to boycott elections taken by SzS members triggered the regime attacks on the opposition. “We are calling state bodies to hand back the money taken from Dveri accounts and the Internet resources that were seized,” the statement said.