Vucic: I asked five times why N1 and Al-Jazeera are banned from reporting

NEWS 11.10.2019 14:51
Source: N1

N1 and Al-Jazeera TVs crews were banned from reporting on the ceremony during the opening of the Abu Dhabi-made Citluk 1 wind farm in northern Serbia on Friday, attended by Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic, who said he was told it was the owner private decision, N1 reported.

After the ceremony, Vucic came out to give a statement to the TVs and said that, as far as he understood, the private owners did not let N1 and Al-Jazeera crews to report on the event.

„I came out to show you the respect and answer your questions,“ he told the two TVs’ reporters, adding he thought the issue was „the relations between the Emirates and Qatar.


 Asked by an N1 TV reporter why she was not let in, Vucic said: „Believe me, I don’t know.“

When told that N1 received the invitation from his office, Vucic said he asked five times and five times he appealed.

„People said it’s their own decision, their private property and that’s it. That’s why I came in front of their property to tell you that.“

Vucic’s press service said that besides the company owner, the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to Serbia also approved the ban.