Serbia drops on CIVICUS list of fundamental rights, Civil Initiatives say

NEWS 11.10.2019 13:59
Source: N1

After falling on the CIVICUS list of fundamental rights, Serbia finds itself in the company of the European countries with extreme disrespect of human rights, the Beta news agency reported on Friday, citing a CIVICUS 2019 report.

That is the country’s second fall this week on the international lists after dropping seven places on the 2019 World Economic Forum (WEF) report on Global Competitiveness to the 72nd from the 65th position it held last year.

The Civil Initiatives said that the monitoring showed the fundamental freedoms and civil space narrowed in Serbia, putting it along Hungary and Ukraine among countries where those areas were the most endangered.

Whith the media, independent journalists and civil society organisations are under constant pressure and attacks, CIVICUS says that Serbia is turning its back to democracy and human rights with a series of moves which seriously violate human rights.

Reporting on sensitive issues like corruption, democracy and human rights trigger retaliation against the journalists and media which do their job professionally and independently.

The threats to journalists remain a worrying trend in Serbia, the CIVICUS‘ report says, adding the trend continues with the state‘s interference with the work of the media.

The organisation also says that its regular reports in the last six months show a selective implementation of the law on the freedom of public gatherings.  

The inadequate reaction by the police and prosecution in cases of the rightists‘ and counter-meetings goes parallel with urgent acting in punishing those critical of the official politics with speedy procedures of criminal and misdemeanour charges.

CIVICUS adds it will reinforce its efforts to improve the situation with the civil societ\y in Serbia, now when it falls on the list.