Democratic Party says no to talks in Serbian parliament

NEWS 07.10.2019 20:59
Source: N1

The Democratic Party (DS) will not take part in talks between the Serbian authorities and opposition in parliament on October 9-10, a party press release said on Monday.

The decision not to take part in the talks which will be mediated by former MEPs Eduard Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein was taken by the DS Presidency, it said.  

The DS will continue its active fight for free and fair elections along with talks with international community officials and relevant local organizations on achieving those conditions for elections, it added. The Presidency of the United Democratic Party decided a day earlier that the opposition has to organize talks with European Union officials first to lay the groundwork for possible talks with the authorities later.  

The scheduled talks in parliament will be held under Chatham House rules, which means without the media present, to discuss election administration, the media and the role of the public broadcaster (the state TV RTS) and the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM), transparency of electoral rolls, campaign financing and voter training,” the EWB portal reported.