Kurti tells N1 he won’t have Serb List in Kosovo government

NEWS 07.10.2019 20:09
Source: N1

Vetëvendosje party leader Albin Kurti told N1 on Monday that he would start talks with Kosovo Serb politicians as soon as he takes over as prime minister but added that he would not be talking to the Belgrade-backed Serb List.

Kurti’s Vetëvendosje (self-determination) won the largest number of votes at Sunday’s parliamentary elections but can’t form a government on its own. It is expected to form a coalition with the Democratic League of Kosovo. He said the talks with that party would start immediatelly.  

According to Kurti, the procedures to form a new government will take some time because the final results of the elections can’t be declared until all the votes, including postal, have been counted.  

Kurti said that the coalition would include Serb political parties except the Serb List which he said is not a political party but a state. “Our constitution says that at least one cabinet minister has to be from the Serb community but it does not say that it must be from the Serb List. We will focus our priorities towards minorities as communities not as parties,” he said.  

He said he would start talks with the new European Union High Represetative as soon as he takes office. “We need a dialogue about the (Belgrade-Pristina) dialogue. We have to prepare the dialogue well because we can’t have another failure in the dialogue which will cost us a lot. We will also review the 33 agreements that we had between 2011 and 2017, what has been implemented and what has not and their effects on the lives of people in Kosovo and we will start the dialogue with Serbia which has to have solid principles,” Kurti said.

He said that the 100 percent tariffs on goods from Serbia are not his party’s policies, adding that he advocates reciprocity in all areas as a principle of good neighbor relations.