“1 in 5 million” organisation tells OSCE thank you, but no thank you

NEWS 07.10.2019 12:32
Source: N1

The #1 in 5 million organisation said on Monday that the OSCE monitoring in the next spring general election in Serbia was belated, the Beta news agency reported, quoting the organisation’s statement.

The statement said their “party’s ticket” was their 42 demands, and that “OSCE was late for the beginning” and that “the doors to negotiations and elections are closed.”  

“Dear OSCE representatives, the authorities (in Serbia) had September 1 deadline to meet 42 recommendations and six conclusions made by ‘1 in 5 million’ expert team as a minimum for a fair and free vote. The time has passed and your election mission is no longer needed. The time for you to recognise all illegalities, irregularities and persecutions during the election atmosphere which lasts in Serbia from election to election has expired since 2012 (when the current ruling Serbian Progressive Party, SNS, came to power),” the statement said.

It listed all the incidents involving journalists and general public problems that occurred in the last seven years.