Two election board members apprehended in Kosovska Mitrovica

NEWS 06.10.2019 12:32
Source: Tanjug/ Filip Krainčanić

Two members of an election board in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica were apprehended on Sunday after they allowed a woman to vote although she presented only her birth certificate, which is not in line with the Central Election Commission's instructions.

According to Kosovo news agency Kallxo, three units of Kosovo’s Special Police entered the Police Precinct in the northern part of the town and are stationed there at the moment.

OSCE Spokesperson, Senad Sabovic, confirmed for KoSSev news agency that some of the citizens tried to vote presenting documents issued by Serbia’s authorities or UNMIK (UN Mission in Kosovo), which the Central Election Commission (CIK) does not allow.

“There were frequent attempts but the boards are following the CIK’s decisions,” he said.

Displaced persons eligible to vote took to Kosovo from central Serbia.

The citizens can vote at 2,547 polling stations, which is 42 more than in the previous elections.

1,937,869 persons are eligible to vote, which is by 111,733 more than in the 2017 local elections. CIK Kosovo decided that 35,087 persons living outside Kosovo will have the right to vote in the election.

Twenty political parties, four coalitions and one independent candidate are participating in the election, and 1,067 candidates run for 120 seats in the Parliament. Six candidates, five of the Albanian and one of the Serbian community, run for the post of the Prime Minister.

As for the Serb political entities, three political parties and one coalition will compete for the votes of 117,808 voters registered in the Serb-inhabited communities.

The parliamentary election in Kosovo officially started at 7 a.m.