'1 in 5 million' association: Students won and it angers the authorities

NEWS 28.09.2019 15:26
Source: N1

The authorities are “hurt and mad” because students “won their first victory” in the past seven years of “darkness and hostage crisis,” the ‘1 in 5 million’ association said on Saturday, commenting on the ongoing events at the Belgrade University Rectorate and the officials’ reactions.

“We understand that it hurts when something is solved without you and ‘without asking you’ and when your pressures don’t give results, but we also understand the pain you felt with the victory of students after the price of a diploma’s printing, its purchase or stealing won’t be considered anymore a diploma’s value but that its value is a reflection of knowledge of the person that obtained it,” said the association.

The association also said that the University values students who possess the knowledge and who in a fair way obtain diplomas, while academic thieveries are harshly sanctioned, which, according to them, angers the ruling political party the most.

“We apologise for using our own brain. Here, we apologise indeed once again because we took the victory and without asking you anything, while you keep saying things day after day. We apologise really because we fought for the University’s autonomy and demolished your dishonourable academic dreams,” said the students.