Professor: Those with plagiarised doctorate have no credibility for public duty

NEWS 28.09.2019 13:30
Source: N1

If someone plagiarises their doctorate, they have no credibility to perform a public duty, Dusan Spasojevic, a professor at the Belgrade Faculty of Political Sciences, said commenting on the ongoing affair involving Finance Minister Sinisa Mali and his allegedly plagiarised doctorate.

He assessed as “frightening” the lack of moral responsibility in this case.

“Sinisa Mali is publishing the photos of hard work, studying and having diplomas but he is actually laughing at our faces, that’s some sort of humiliation. We also heard the President who said ‘he doesn’t have to have a doctorate’ and of course he does not, anyone can be a minister, but if someone plagiarised their doctorate then they have no credibility, indeed, to perform any public duty,” said Spasojevic.

There is a huge responsibility on the academic community, according to him.

“I think this is a good moment, students and Rector opened the space for us and this space must be defended. I hope this will be one of the top topics,” Spasojevic added.