Serbian politician trades left for right

NEWS 27.09.2019 20:37
Source: Screenshot

A local politician in southern Serbia transferred from a party of the left to a part of the far right in what observers say is an ideologically un-probable but not illegal step.

Suzana Stamenkovic, a councilor and deputy speaker of the Niska Banja municipal assembly, made what observers say is her fourth transfer when she moved from Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin’s Movement of Socialists to what should be its ideological opposite the Serbian Right (Srpska desnica) party. The Istinomer portal recalled that she was first a member of the ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party (SRS) who moved to the Narodna party before going to the Pensioners’ Party (PUPS) and the Movement of Socialists in the space of 10 years.  

Stamenkovic is reported to have said that the latest change comes because she is searching for a fresh new political idea and force.  

Nis University law professor Slavisa Kovacevic said that her move is not suprising. “The people in politics here are not the people who understand politics but are in it as a good way to promote themselves,” he said. He said the main motivation is money and corruption.  

Marija Marinkovic of the National Coalition for Decentralization NGO said Stamenkovic had not broken the law. “Stamenkovic did nothing illegal. This is not legitimate and is ethically dubious but it isn’t illegal,” she said.  

N1 could not get comments from Stamenkovic, the Movement of Socialists and Niska Banja Mayor Dejan Jovanovic.