Serbian Minister Mali posts pictures of diplomas

NEWS 26.09.2019 21:04
Source: Tanjug/Bojan Stekić

Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali posted pictures of his diplomas on his Instagram account as “proof of his academic achievements”.

“Unfortunately, there are people who are trying to destroy everything you have done for decades. My answer to them is – no one can take away your knowledge,” the minister wrote on the posts.  

Mali posted pictures of his Belgrade University Economy School diploma and a diploma and certificates from the Washington University in St. Louis.  

Sinisa Mali’s doctoral thesis has been disputed amid claims of plagiarism. An ethics committee has been investigating the doctoral thesis but has not ruled on it yet. The failure to condemn the alleged plagiarism and dismiss him from the post of Finance Minister drew protests resulting in a 12 day lock down in the Belgrade University Rectorate by students.