Belgrade University Students to end protest on Wednesday

NEWS 24.09.2019 19:00
Source: N1

Student activists of the 1 in 5 Million initiative said they would hand the keys to the Belgrade University Rectorate to Rector Ivanka Popovic because she did what they asked her to do.

“The Rector kept to the agreement and we will as well. She gets the keys to the rectorate tomorrow and we will get her guarantee that everything we said will be done,” student Mila Jovanovic told the Beta news agency.  

“We took a very important step today, achieved a victory. This is primarily the victory of the students who blockaded the Rectorate for 12 days, launching an initiative to solve the problem as well as a victory for Belgrade University and the entire academic community,” Jovanovic said. She said the students demanded the integrity and autonomy of the university and got it.  

“Belgrade University showed that it is a free institution in this country. Today we got a specific date and the authorities will no longer be able to deny responsibility,” Jovanovic said.  

She said that they also managed to resolve some issues such as the University Games which she said no other student organization managed to do.  

Belgrade University students will be evicted temporarily from their dorms which will be used to house athletes competing in the University Games.  

Rector Ivanka Popovic issued a statement earlier saying that she stands by her students and setting a deadline for a commission to decide on Finance Minister Sinisa Mali’s disputed doctorate.