Serbia importing four times more used than new cars

NEWS 19.09.2019 21:33
Source: Pixabay (ilustracija)

An average of more than 120,000 used cars are imported into Serbia every year, Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) official Zarko Malinovic told N1 on Thursday.

“Almost 200 million Euro worth of used cars were imported in 2018 or almost 130,000. On the other hand, we imported less than 30,000 new cars worth almost 300 million Euro. The problem is the type of car being imported because most of them have Euro 3 class engines which means that they are vehicles on the verge of the junkyard,” he said.  

He expressed hope that Environment Minister Goran Trivan’s initiative to ban imports of Euro 3 standard cars. “It’s not logical for importers of new cars to have to meet higher standards than importers of used cars,” he said, adding that a domestic used car market should be developed.