Serbian Education Ministry warns of violence in schools

NEWS 18.09.2019 15:55

The Serbian Education Ministry has sent all schools in the country laws and regulations on preventing discrimination and all forms of violence, the ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

The letter to the schools includes system laws and public policies which “directly or indirectly affect the prevention of discrimination and protection from all forms of violence in the entire system”, it added.  

The letter comes after a video appeared on social networks showing two girls slapping and harassing a third girl in a high school in a Belgrade suburb.  

The ministry letter reminded school principals that they have to report violence and abuse to the appropriate authorities and the Education Ministry within 24 hours as well as the parents if acts of crime have been committed. The principals also have to report those acts of crime to prosecutors.  

Minister Mladen Sarcevic warned that anyone hiding acts of violence will be held accountable.