Ultra-nationalists want bailiffs abolished in Serbia

NEWS 17.09.2019 12:26
Source: Beta/Miloš Miškov

The ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party (SRS) has collected 100,000 signatures on a petition to abolish bailiffs, SRS MP Aleksandar Seselj said on Tuesday.

He said that the party had also submitted a draft law on bailiffs to parliament. Seselj told a news conference in parliament that the institution of public bailiffs had proved to be “unjust and inhumane”, adding that the SRS draft law makes sure that no one looses their home.

Private bailiffs and their operations have been the subject of controversy in Serbia since they were introduced several years ago because of the repossession of homes which have been viewed by the public as unfair. The most recent example was that of a couple in Novi Sad who were evicted from their home which was repossessed and sold after two mortgage payments were late. The bailiffs are not part of the judiciary system and operate as private enterprises.

Seselj said the draft law takes the repossession and debt collection operations back to the courts. According to him, what the bailiffs are doing is immoral because no one has control over them.