Central Election Commission receives 42,000 applications to vote outside Kosovo

NEWS 17.09.2019 11:49
Source: N1

The Central Election Commission in Pristina said on Tuesday that it had received more than 42,000 applications to vote outside Kosovo which would be reviewed before permission would be granted, the KoSSev news portal reported.

“We entered all the applications which arrrived by e-mail, post and fax and they total 42,300. They will be reviewedto see if they are legal. Also, some of those applications might be duplicates if they were sent in several ways,” Commission Executive Secretary Enis Halimi told Koha daily.  

Registered voters living outside Kosovo will be able to cast their ballots up to September 18.  

The Commission recalled that it would only people with Kosovo ID would be allowed to vote at the October 6 parliamentary elections.