Activists erect monument to Belgrade deputy Mayor

NEWS 16.09.2019 19:37
Source: Ne davimo Beograd

Activists of a civil initiative erected a monument to Belgrade deputy Mayor Goran Vesic on the newly reconstructed Republic Square which has been the subject of heated debate for months.

The monument is a likeness of Vesic carrying a cable car, a project also planned to be built from Kalemegdan fortress across the river Sava.

The monument was put up just weeks after the reconstruction of the city’s main central square was completed but with repairs needed, the Don’t Drown Belgrade Initiative said in a press release, adding that this is not the first time that the city authorities have had to repair finished projects.

“The Belgrade that Vesic heads is a playing field for robberies of public and natural goods, special and privileged projects which are above the law, dubious dealings for the corrupt political elite, it said. The monument is meant to be a warning not to allow what the Initiative calls a corrupt political elite to head the city, the initiative added.