Opposition Alliance for Serbia declares boycott

NEWS 16.09.2019 16:36
Source: N1

Serbian opposition leader Bosko Obradovic said on Monday that the parties in the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) had taken a joint decision to boycott the coming elections.

“As of today, taking part in any elections is absolutely unacceptable to us,” Obradovic, leader of Dveri and chairman of the SzS, told a news conference, adding that the authorities had not shown any readiness to make sure the next elections are fair.  

“I am fully convinced that all the others in the opposition will declare a boycott of the elections,” he said.  

Obradovic said the SzS plans to explain the boycott idea to the population of Serbia. “We will surely win free and fair elections,” he said and expressed full support to the 1 in 5 Million protests and the students who locked themselves into the Belgrade University Rectorate.