Serbian authorities setting up crime information system

NEWS 16.09.2019 15:44
Source: Fonet

Serbia’s ministers of Justice, Finance and Internal Affairs signed an agreement to establish a national crime information system on Monday.

Internal Affairs Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said after the signing that the agreement is an important step on the country’s road to the European Union. “This is a step which Serbia is taking in order to reach high EU standards but primarily because of the safety of its citizens,” he said and added that the system will bring a digitalization of data bases on organized crime and allow exhanges of information between institutions.  

Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic said that Serbia has an obligation to set up the system under Chapter 24 of the EU accession negotiations while Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, representing the Tax Authority, Customs Service and Anti-Money Laundering Agency, said that Serbia is committed to combatting money laundering and the financing of terrorism.  

EU Delegation chief Sem Fabrizi told the ceremony that the agreement is a big step forward, adding that exchanges of information are the most important aspect of the fight against organized crime. “Organized crime is a problem for every country in the world and it requires cooperation between state and international institutions,” he said.  

The agreement was also signed by Public Prosecutor Zagorka Dolovac, the head of the Council for National Security Office Goran Matic, Anti-Corruption Agency Director Dragan Sikimic and representatives of the organized crime prosecution.