Montly income lower than expenses, Serbian Statistics Office says

NEWS 16.09.2019 13:30
Source: Shutterstock

The average monthly income for households in Serbia in the second quarter of 2019 stood at 63,348 Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) while expenses stood at 66,576, the Republic Statistics Office said on Monday.

The press release said that the average household income rose by 5.6 percent in the second quarter of 2019 compared to the same period a year earlier while expenses rose by 3.9 percent. Compared to the first quarter of the year average household income was 0.7 percent higher while expenses were 0.8 higher.  

Most of the average household income is from salaries (49.7 percent) followed by pensions (32.4 percent) , earnings from farming, hunting and fishing (3.7 percent), other income (2.9 percent and social security payments (2.7 percent).  

The biggest household expenses are for food and non-alcoholic beverages (34.4 percent) followed by housing costs and utilities bills (16.7 percent), transport costs (9.4 percent), clothing and footwear (5.4 percent) communications (5.2 percent, recreation and culture (4.8 percent), alcoholic beverages and tobacco (4.8 percent).  

The statistics office polled 1,610 households.