Belgrade Protesters march to Bailiffs chamber, lend support to students

NEWS 14.09.2019 21:23
Source: N1

Participants in the 41st 1 in 5 Million Saturday protest in Belgrade marched to the Bailiffs Chamber in central Belgrade, following the eviction of a family from their home in the northern city of Novi Sad by bailiffs earlier in the week.

Protest organizers said before the march that “companies and organizations close to the authorities are having their debts written off”, adding the pro-government “Pink TV paid off its debts with money from state-owned companies which paid for advertising while people who are having a hard time making ends meet are being violently evicted from their homes”. A woman had her arm broken when bailiffs and the police forcibly evicted them from their apartment which was sold by creditors after they were late with two monthly payments on their mortgage.  

The organizer’s statement said the common goal is the fight against violence, violations of the law and the destruction of private property so that people close to the authorities can profit.  

Opposition Alliance for Serbia official Nikola Jovanovic (a member of the Belgrade City Assembly) called the crowd at the start of the protest to boycott the coming elections. He said that the gathering was being held near the Belgrade University Rectorate which students were blockading, adding that the ruling party had sent its thugs against them.

Belgrade University Professor Biljana Stojkovic welcomed the student blockade of the rectorate (in protest over the fact that no decision had been taken on what the students and a number of academics said was Finance Minister Sinisa Mali’s plagiarized doctoral thesis). “I am not being brave, the time has come when we can’t keep quiet,” she said. The protest organizers said they had taken full control of the Rectorate building.