Serbian ministry wants only Cyrillic script in official use

NEWS 13.09.2019 19:29
Source: N1

The Serbian Ministry of Culture said on Friday that the “unnecessary dual official and public use of the Cyrillic and Latin script” needs to be abolished as soon as possible.

The Cyrillic script is in official use in Serbia but the law allows the use of the Latin script. Serb nationalists claim that only Cyrillic should be used even though the Latin script has been in used to write Serbian for centuries.  

A ministry statement expressed “strong support” for the conclusions of a debate at the Belgrade University School of Languages whose participants “unequivocally stated that Cyrillic is the identity script which should be nurtured and developed”.  

According to the ministry, the important thing now is to clearly define by law the use of language and script at all levels and raise awareness about the comprehensive use of Cyrillic as the original Serb script and sign of cultural identity.  

The ministry sent the Serbian Legislature Secretariat an initiative to amend the law on the official use of language and script in march 2018, the statement said.