Six Serbian police officers arrested for taking bribes

NEWS 12.09.2019 18:20
Source: Shutterstock

Six Serbian police officers were arrested in the Vojvodina town of Backa Palanka on charges of taking bribes, the Internal Affairs Ministry said on Thursday.

A statement said that the police officers, identified only by their initials, took bribes from drivers who did not want their traffic violations reported.  

The police also arrested four people on suspicion of giving bribes, it added.  

All 10 will be held in police custody for 48 hours under the law before being brought before a prosecutor.

A separate ministry statement said that seven people had been arrested in the towns of Tutin and Trstenik on charges of issuing forged driver’s test certificates. It said that teachers at two vocational high schools had taken bribes from 54 people to issue the false certificates allowing them to get permits.