US: Maybe they won’t like it, but deal is in both Serbs and Albanians interest

NEWS 12.09.2019 08:45
Source: N1

US Senator Ron Johnson said on Thursday that “people in Serbia and Kosovo should be explained that an agreement which they may not like is in their best interest,” the Beta news agency reported.

Speaking to the Ukrainian Voice of America (VOA) service, the Senator, a Republican from Wisconsin, who visited Belgrade and Pristina last week, said that it was up to the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia to decide whether they could reach an agreement.


 “I have been involved a lot with the issue in the last several years. I think that the leaders of both countries understand that it is in mutual interest to put the differences aside and reach a deal,” Johnson said, adding that “both countries wanted more significant US involvement.”

The Senator said he thought the US “will offer it to them, but not by imposing and pressuring, but only as a support to their efforts in creating conditions where the leaders could count on the backing of the US and Europe, once they agree.”

According to him, any agreement would carry lots of benefits like further integration into the European economy, since once there was a deal, it would be easier to attract foreign investors.