Northern Serbian city to get Green Council

NEWS 10.09.2019 18:04
Source: N1

The northern Serbian city of Novi Sad got a Green Council which will provide expert help in reforestation of urban areas, the city authorities said on Tuesday.

The Council is being formed at the initiative of Mayor Milos Vucevic and will be tasked with analyzing the situation, proposing measures to increase green and wooded areas and coordinate those efforts, the press release said.  

The body will be made up of professors from the Novi Sad University School of Agriculture and the Forestry and Environment Institute.   Vucevic, an official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), said that the goal is to make the city greener with the help of experts. He added that he expects concrete efforts soon.  

A number of protests have been staged over the past few months against the felling of trees in major Serbian cities, with the local population blaming members of the SNS for what has been called environmental disasters.