SNS: Serbia ready to implement all OSCE recommendations for election setting

NEWS 10.09.2019 12:23
Source: Tanjug / Info služba SNS

Serbia established high standards in the European integration, and by creating its Working Group, the Government showed readiness to implement all OSCE suggestions to improve the election conditions, Jadranka Joksimovic, the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) International Secretary said on Tuesday, the FoNet news agency reported.

 Addressing the Political Assembly of the European People’s Party (EPP) in Brussels, Joksimovic, also Serbia’s Minister of European Integrations, informed the EPP Presidency members about the next general elections in Serbia due in spring 2020.

She added that the latest opinion polls suggested the SNS enjoyed a stable support among Serbia’s people, but also mentioned the call for boycott of the vote by a part of the opposition, mostly, as she said, of those parties that were not in the Parliament, and said that some of them rejected to take part in a dialogue on improving the election conditions.

Joksimovic added that SNS, as the ruling party, took part in the dialogue, “since it believes that a democratic dialogue can additionally improve some of the election’s conditions.”        

The dialogue, held under the Chatham House rule, did not produce any real result after four meetings, two of the latest boycotted by the most significant opposition grouping the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) and some other former participants.