Croatia responsible for burdening relations with Serbia, Def Min says

NEWS 10.09.2019 10:22

Aleksandar Vulin, Serbia’s Defence Minister accused Croatia on Tuesday for straining the relations between the two countries, denying any Belgrade’s responsibility, but saying “it was the continuation of Zagreb’s politics which blames Serbia for everything” the Beta news agency.

Vulin referred to adiplomatic tit-for-tatafter Croatia banned Serbia’s Defence Ministry and army delegation from entering the country where they reportedly wanted to pay the respect to people killed in the Jasenovac concentration camp during the WW II.

 Speaking to the state RTS TV, Vulin said Serbia’s army was better equipped, had stronger weapons and personnel, higher material status and more respect than it had before.

He earlier said that “whenever in history Serbia was strong, the Balkans were stable.”

Explaining an increasing number of military exercises, Vulin said that every single one “carries a message to both friends and enemies,” adding that Serbia had chosen the toughest, but most honest way of military neutrality.”