Palmer: US supports Kosovo government committed to dialogue

NEWS 09.09.2019 21:31
Source: Tanjug / Zoran Stanić

Washington’s special envoy to the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer told the Montenegrin state TV (RTCG) that Belgrade and Pristina can reach an agreement to normalize their relations and would support a Kosovo government committed to dialogue.

One of our primary goals is to support the forming of a government in Kosovo which is committed to the dialogue which means a suspension of the tariffs (on Serbian goods) and return to the negotiating table, Palmer is quoted as saying.  

He said the negotiations should lead to a comprehensive agreement between Belgrade and Pristina. Ideally, it would be based on mutual recognition but once the two sides get back to the table we will be there as a partner seeking an agreement which will be acceptable to all and which will help Serbia on its path to the European Union, he added.  

According to Palmer, a solution to the issue is important to the entire region but would not affect the European path of the other countries.