Bailiffs enter Belgrade TV station over dispute with state newsreel

NEWS 09.09.2019 20:20
Source: N1

Bailiffs assisted by police entered the headquarters of a Belgrade-based TV station in the building that once housed the Yugoslav newsreel on Monday.

The bailiffs broke the locks and entered the studios and offices of the Nasa Balkan Vizija TV station which is in the Filmske Novosti newsreel building to seize cameras and equipment over a debt that the newsreel’s CEO claims is owed by the station.  

Filmske Novosti CEO Vladimir Tomcic claims that Nasa Balkan TV owes the newsreel rent and other expenses totaling 10.7 million Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) but the TV station’s management says the money is owed by a different company with a similar name. The debt dates back five years.  

Tomcic said the bailiffs were there to check whether the equipment is owned by Nasa Balkan TV or the Nasa Balkan Vizija company. He said he would apologize if he was wrong about who owns the equipment but if not it would be seized.  

Nasa Balkan Vizija official Snezana Miletic said the only thing the station has in common with the earlier station was the frequency adding that the station does not owe Filmske Novosti the money and that the dispute is politically-based.  

Tomcic entered into a verbal clash with Miletic after trying to ban an N1 camera from the premises.

Opposition People’s Party deputy leader Nikola Jovanovic and central Belgrade’s Stari Grad municipality Mayor Marko Bastac appeared at the TV station.