Million viewers watch Serbia’s national team soccer game on Nova S

NEWS 09.09.2019 15:27
Source: REUTERS/Marko Đurica

A million people watched Nova S live coverage of the national soccer team match against Portugal on Saturday, N1 reported.

 Nova S has the highest share at the time of the game, and the number of viewers was higher than the public broadcaster, and four TVs with national frequency put together, according to TvbBeat measurement, said to be the most modern used in the European cable, iptv and other digital platforms.

The United Media company bought the broadcasting right for all Serbia’s qualifying matches for EURO 2020 as well as for the League of Nations competition. The viewers can watch them in HD resolution.

TVBeat is a specialised platform for TV statistics analysis in real-time, used by the distributors of TV programmes in Europe, including Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and others.

The Nova S viewers can watch it on SBB network, Total TV, Beogrid, D3i and EON platform in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and North Macedonia.

Nova S is a part of the United Media along with N1.