Vucic: Some in the neighbourhood are arming themselves 'seriously'

NEWS 08.09.2019 15:28
Source: Predsedništvo Srbije

President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday that some countries in Serbia’s neighbourhood are “seriously” arming themselves but that Serbia, as a militarily neutral country, will rely on its own strength.

Speaking at a temporary military training ground ‘Titel’ where he attended a military exercise ‘Begej 2019’ Vucic said that he was in “exhausting” talks with representatives of China’s Central Military Commission until 1 a.m. and that they discussed the strengthening of defence forces.

“NATO is giving presents to some in our neighbourhood, and we were reproached for Russia donating us BRMD armoured personnel carriers, while they plan to deliver 60 armoured ‘Bradleys’ and 220 MRAP tactical vehicles, those are excellent scout vehicle fr transport of soldiers. People are getting seriously armed but the Army of Serbia will be stronger and stronger, we will strengthen all units of our army,” said Vucic.

Asked how would he assess the power of the Croatian army, Vucic replied that they had some “weak points” but that proportionally to the number of its citizens, Croatia has a respectful army.

„We have nothing against Croatia having an exceptionally strong army, they have professionals in the Ministry of Defence and the army, who in a serious way plan the modernisation of their armed forces,” said the President of Serbia.

He briefly commented on Croatia denying the entry to Serbia’s Army delegation on Saturday, saying that competent police precinct in the town of Novska was timely informed about the visit.