Politician: Upcoming Kosovo elections one of the last battles for Serbs' honour

NEWS 07.09.2019 17:55
Source: N1

Rada Trajkovic, the Chairwoman of the European Movement of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija told N1 that the upcoming elections in Kosovo were “one of the last battles for the honour of Serbs and Serbia.”

Without further explaining her words, Trajkovic also said she had information that a group of people was infiltrated from Bosnia’s Serb-dominated region Republika Srpska to exert pressure on the Serbs prior to the elections.

Asked why the movement’s list running in the Kosovo elections on October 6 is called Freedom, she said this name was symbolic for various reasons.

“Because freedom is the most necessary for the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, as a symbol of liberation from the biggest evil which hit us, from our own country, our own president and the Serbs in the Serb List. From the people who are a synonym to promote the most inhuman methods of pressure on people,” she said.

Trajkovic mentioned as example Milan Radoicic, the Serb List leader.

“Radoicic is on an international warrant, his partner is Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. They don’t want Radoicic, although they recognised the judicial institutions of Kosovo, to come and prove his innocence, to take off the burden of a Serb who participated in organising the murder of the purest one among us,” she added.

As for her expectations, Trajkovic noted that she did not expect much from the Kosovo elections but that the fight for Kosovo is necessary,

“It is worth fighting, Kosovo is too huge. And (murdered Kosovo Serb opposition leader) Oliver Ivanovic gave his life for that, while his closest associates do not appreciate it now. I expect the results equal to the amount of morality left among the Serbs,” she added.