Pristina: Ten more countries may withdraw recognition of Kosovo

NEWS 06.09.2019 22:56

Kosovo’s outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Enver Hoxhaj said on Friday that there was credible information about ten more countries ready to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo, the Beta news agency reported.

Speaking to the KTV, Hoxhaj said Pristina got information from a neighbouring country, which he did not name, that “Serbia prepares a campaign for the recognition’s withdrawal.”

“Thirteen states have withdrawn recognition. We should first understand the character of our statehood. If we were a UN member, the recognition would have been universal. We should establish diplomatic ties with a country immediately after the recognition. Some of them are vulnerable,” he said.

Belgrade says 15 states have so far revoked the decision on recognising Kosovo as an independent country. Earlier on Friday, Czech President Milos Zeman said Prague might do the same one day.

Hoxhaj, who served as Foreign Minister in two mandates, said Pristina needed a foreign policy with an operational plan and strategic approach and added that the withdrawals should have been prevented.