Kosovo police arrest four suspected of forgery, arms trade

NEWS 06.09.2019 21:58
Source: Shutterstock

The police in Kosovo arrested four people suspected of importing and exporting arms, providing, transporting, producing and trading weapons and explosive devices and for money forgery, the Beta news agency reported.

 The arrest is a part of the operations called “Package” which started on March 21 when the police seized 99 guns and searched eight locations in the capital Pristina and towns of Mitrovica, Pec and Prizren.

The suspects are all Kosovo citizens between 30 and 45 years of age.

The police said they seized 12,379.50 Euros, medical products worth 10,000 Euros, five different calibre bullets, nine computers, three mobile phones and some documents.

They also discovered a 50 and a 20 Euros banknotes believed to be forged.

Two suspects are in the police 48-hour custody, and two are released pending charges.