Kosovo Serb, suspect in murder investigation, remains Serb List deputy leader

NEWS 06.09.2019 18:04
Source: N1

Milan Radoicic, Kosovo Serb politician who Pristina suspects of involvement in the assassination of another local Serb leader last year, remains a deputy head of the Serb List party supported by Belgrade, Goran Rakic the organisation’s president has said on Friday, N1 reports.

However, Rakic said Radoicic refused to head the election ticket, but he would still be the party deputy president.

Serb List submitted its ticket for the early general election in Kosovo due on October 6 and was surprisingly joined by Ksenija Bozovic, the closest ally of Oliver Ivanovic, the slain leader of the opposition Civic Initiative SDP (GI SDP).


 Bozovic said GI SDP would also join the Serb List, but many officials either left the party or distanced themselves from her move.

Ivanovic’s family contacted the Kosovo Central Election Commission saying they did not allow Oliver’s name to be used by any party’s list.

Bozovic said she had never met Radojicic whom Pristina had issued an arrest warrant for. His whereabouts remain vague except that he has been seen in Belgrade several times.

President Aleksandar Vucic defended him, saying he passed the polygraph test in Belgrade proving him innocent.

Radojicic nearly escaped the arrest during Kosovo’s police operation in the north, mainly populated by the Serbs, last November when three other Serbs were apprehended as suspects in the Ivanovic’s murder outside his office in North Mitrovica town, on January 16, 2018.

Belgrade and Pristina have been conducting separate investigations but without any concrete result besides mutual accusations of obstructing justice.