1 in 5 Million students call for dismissal of Serbian Finance Minister

NEWS 06.09.2019 11:41
Source: 1 od 5 miliona

The 1 in 5 Million organization said on Friday that some of its members met with Belgrade University Rector Ivanka Popovic to discuss the demand to dismiss Finance Minister Sinisa Mali because of the dispute over his doctorate.

The 1 in 5 Million organization, which has been organizing weekly protests in Belgrade for months, called the University Rectorate in July to demand the finance minister’s dismissal so that the dispute over his doctoral thesis can be resolved without any pressure from the authorities. Mali’s doctoral thesis was disputed following claims by a number of people from the academic community that he plagiarized parts of it. The case was one of several in which the doctorates of state officials were disputed.

A press release said that students reminded the rector of the demand to dismiss Mali.