US envoy to Serbia presents insults he receives via Twitter

NEWS 05.09.2019 16:12
Source: Tanjug/Sava Radobvanović

The US ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott said on Thursday that many people in the country believed that hating America was a good business and that they were daily bombed with the worst lies about his homeland and other Western countries, including the European Union, the Beta news agency reported.

Addressing the Digital Summit in Belgrade, the ambassador showed the insults and curses he had been receiving on his Twitter account from people in Serbia.

When media reported that he gave blood, one of the message was “Eat s.., take him 20 litres of blood!”

The other haters told him to go home and die, cursed his mother, advised him what job he should do and drew moustaches on his face.

Scott said he started using Twitter two years ago, and as a US representative, tried to speak about everyday life, but also about politics, to point out the issues which “traditional media” ignored, and to get feedback about what people thought.

 “During the time I have been using Twitter, my skin became thicker,” Scott said, thanking his haters for insults, reiterating his job was to present the US view.

He added he understood that the memories of the 1999 NATO bombing over Kosovo were still fresh.

But, Scott says, the lies about the US and other countries which are spread daily does not do good to the Serb people’s intelligence and „that’s why we face different obstacles trying to pass on a message.“

He recalled that the US – Serbia relationship started well before the 1990s, that Serbia was not founded during the rule of Slobodan Milosevic and that the people in Serbia should be reminded that the two countries had a long shared history, adding “the Serbs have not always been criminals neither they have always been victims.”

Scott also mentioned videos You are the World (Vi ste svet) in which the US remained people in Serbia about the importance of their country and what its citizens did for the world. The videos have been broadcast for several months and aim at improving the US – Serbia relations.