Serbia’s PM: I’m sorry that Djilas ‘made’ others to sign so no probe into him

NEWS 29.08.2019 10:14
Source: Tanjug/screenshot

Serbia’s Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Thursday the arrests of the suspects from Direct media, company formerly owned by an opposition leader Dragan Djilas, and the state RTS TV was not “a political persecution, nor was there a political announcement of an investigation,” but that everything was done “professionally,” news agencies reported.

She said she was sorry because “Djilas foisted on others to sign (some contracts) so that an investigation against him was not possible.

Commenting on Djilas’ statement that he expected the arrests, Brnabic told the pro-government Pink TV, it wasn’t surprising since Djilas, as she put it, knew what he was doing while he was in power.

Djilas said on Wednesday that President Aleksandar Vucic ordered the arrests.

Indirectly denying it, Brnabic said that “the police, judiciary and prosecutors must do their job, without any pressure, and I plead with them not to fear Dragan Djilas and his political performances.”

She accused Djilas of “influencing the judiciary and the decisions that should be taken,” and added the respective institutions should be left alone to do their job.

Brnabic said that though the case was outside her jurisdiction, she nevertheless encouraged the responsible institutions to “be brave enough to do their job and protect the rule of law.”

The three suspects were arrested on Wednesday but released after giving statements pending trial.