Local Serbs form coalition for Kosovo elections

Source: N1

Local Serbs in Kosovo formed on Wednesday a new coalition for the early general elections due on October 6, the Beta news agency reported, as a rival local political organisation to the Serb List supported by Belgrade.

 The coalition is formed by five Serbs, among whom is Rada Trajkovic, the President of the Kosovo Serbs’ European Movement.

She has been at odds with Belgrade and has filed charges against President Aleksandar Vucic and the head of Serbia’s Government Office for Kosovo Marko Djuric for threatening her safety after the two issued statements against her.

Both criminal charges were dismissed.

“Our long-term and strategic goals are to create dignified living conditions for the Serbs and their social, institutional and economic development which will make them stay in Kosovo,” the coalition’s statement said on Wednesday.

The coalition members said they would focus on young people to create a new political representative whose new ideas would empower the determination for the survival, of the Kosovo Serbs.

“As older politicians, we oblige ourselves to work on strengthening of the ‘Serb political corpus’ which will act in line with the Kosovo Serbs’ strategic interest… Our group will be open to all kinds of talks aimed to empower the voice of Kosovo Serbs who will create the basis through Kosovo institutions for the safe survival and the return of the displaced Serbs,” the statement said.

Kosovo’s early elections are triggered by the resignation of outgoing Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj after he was summoned as a suspect by The Hague-based Special Court for Kosovo Albanians’ war crimes during the 1998-1999 armed conflict between local guerillas and Belgrade police and army forces in Serbia’s autonomous province.