Three days pay for a full tank of petrol in Serbia

NEWS 21.08.2019 13:22

The average Serbian has to work three days for a full tank of petrol, Belgrade newspaper Blic said on Wednesday adding that Slovenians have to work 10 hours and Germans just over six to do the same.

Blic said its calculations are based on average salaries and fuel prices in the Western Balkans and rest of Europe.  

Serbian have to pay 64.5 Euros for 50 liters of petrol (the average capacity of a passenger car tank) and 68 Euros for a tank of diesel fuel. The average monthly salary in Serbia is 470 Euros (according to official government figures) which means the hourly wage is 2.7 Euros. A full tank costs 24 working hours or three days for petrol and 25 hours for diesel.  

The situation is similar in Montenegro where the average salary is 516 Euros and 50 liters of petrol cost 68 Euros. North Macedonians have an average salary of 413 Euros and a full tank of petrol costs 54 Euros. Drivers in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where the average monthly salary is 472 Euros, pay 58.5 Euros for a tank of petrol.  

The most expensive fuel in the countries of the former Yugoslavia is in Croatia where a full tank of petrol costs 70.5 Euros. Croatians are paid an average salary of 886 Euros.  

The best situation for drivers is in Slovenia where the average salary is 1,113 Euros and a full tank of petrol costs 66.5 Euros.   Blic said that the price of Eurodiesel in Serbia is 159-160 Dinars depending on petrol station, Eurosuper 95 costs between 149 and 151 Dinars and TNG gas costs 74 Dinars.  

Petrol costs 1.10 Euros in Bosnia-Herzegovina and diesel costs 1.08 and in Croatia petrol costs 1.35 Euros and diesel 1.29 a liter. In Montenegro, Eurosuper 95 costs 1.29 Euros and diesel 1.21 and in North Macedonia lead-free petrol costs 1.08 Euros and diesel 0.98 Euros a liter, the Belgrade daily said.