Serbian minister Vulin defends female Cobras

NEWS 19.08.2019 10:24
Source: N1 (arhiva)

Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Monday that the deployment of female personnel from the Cobras military police unit in front of the Serbian presidency building is not political marketing or an abuse of women.

“They were doing their regular duties on Saturday. The Cobras are in charge of security for the supreme commander, that is their job,” Vulin told the Serbian state TV (RTS). “The female Cobras are equal members of the Army of Serbia. They are someone’s mothers, sisters, wives and no one has the right to insult them,” he said.  

Vulin said the real abuse was when those women were insulted and attacked. He also criticized Kosovo Serb politician Rada Trajkovic for her Tweet which said that the women in uniform in front of the presidency are “just girls making fools of themselves for the sake of a dictator”. Vulin claimed that Trajkovic never attacked police men and women in Kosovo.