Protest organizers to file charges over Saturday incident

NEWS 12.08.2019 21:03
Source: N1

1 in 5 Million protest organizer Srdjan Markovic told N1 TV on Monday that he would file criminal charges against the people responsible for beating him at Saturday’s protest in front of the Serbian presidency building.

Security guards in plain clothes used force to push Markovic back over a security barrier which he jumped over to try to get to the entrance to the building and leave a list of demands. He told N1 that an agreement had been reached between protest organizers, the police and security guards to allow a small delegation and cameraman to walk to the building entrance.  

“We contacted the police and they communicated with the presidency security before we got there. I was told that we have an agreement to go to the presidency and leave the demands,” he said adding that they were then told that the agreement was canceled.  

Markovic said he decided to jump over the barrier even though the guards warned him not to. He claimed that he did not break the law because the presidency is a public building, not a residence and added that the security detail did not have the right to use force outside the building.  

He recalled that Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that the Kobra military unit personnel securing the presidency acted under orders from the supreme commander which he understands to mean that President Aleksandar Vucic personally ordered them to react.   “We will summon Vulin and Vucic to testify and explain who ordered me beaten,” Markovic said.