President: Minimum force was used to prevent protesters from storming Presidency

NEWS 11.08.2019 15:27
Source: N1

Members of the Armed Forces only “protected the Presidency building” during the protest in Belgrade on Saturday evening by using “minimum force”, Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday.

„In the presence of between 225 and 228 people, as always when they organize protests, they brought toilet paper, sometimes they write something on the windows, sometimes they write something on the walls, and we always tolerated it,” Vucic said.


But he said that at some point the protest leaders called on their followers to enter the Presidency building.

“It was only when the violent demolition of the fence started that the Presidency security reacted, without the use of weapons, and returned them behind the fence using minimum force,” the President said.

He denied allegations that private security was employed to deal with the protesters.

“These were members of the army who protected (former Serbian President Boris) Tadic when he was here too. They only protected the law, they reacted very lightly and the result of a call to storm the Presidency is only a scratch,” Vucic said.

“Those who send their children to protests need to take responsibility. Had they been jumping the fence of the White House, they should know they would have been shot. It will not be that way in Serbia,” he said, calling upon police forces to strictly respect the law.