Moscow daily says Russia pulled into Serbian surveillance scandal

NEWS 05.08.2019 11:36
Source: N1

A Moscow daily newspaper says that Russia has been dragged into the wire-tapping scandal in Serbia because of surveillance over a former ambassador in the Russian capital.

Komersant daily said that the former Ambassador of the Serbia-Montenegro state union in Moscow Milan Rocen, a Montenegrin, was under covert surveillance which was allegedly ordered by former Serbian President Boris Tadic.  

The newspaper said that recordings of Rocen’s phone calls and their transcripts have beeen published by the In4s portal which it said “has the reputation of an opponent of the Montenegrin authorities and an outlet for Serbia’s special services”. Rocen now serves as advisor to the Montenegrin president.  

“When the transcripts were published, many people in Montenegro and Serbia thought that the wire-tapping was done by Russian special services but experts said that the transcripts were the work of someone whose native language is not Russian,” Komersant said.

 According to the daily, “the comments by the portal leave no doubt that the goal is to discredit the 2006 Montenegrin independence referendum which Russia recognized”.