Highest annual salaries in Serbia up to 350 million Dinars

NEWS 02.08.2019 16:42
Source: Shutterstock

The Serbian Tax Authority said on Friday that the highest annual salaries for 2018 stood at between 52 and 350 million Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars).

A press release said that a total of 25,612 tax returns had been filed, most of them in Belgrade (17,621) , Novi Sad (4,873) and Kragujevac (1,713).  

Private individuals with earnings in excess of 2,470,644 Dinars (three times the average individual annual salary) are obliged to file tax returns.  

Of the 100 largest reported earnings, 65 were reported by tax payers in Belgrade (74 Serbian nationals, 26 foreigners), most of them managers, CEOs and engineers (86 percent were men).